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 投稿者:Chloeメール  投稿日:2006年 4月 5日(水)01時48分44秒
  Hello Sumire! It's been sooooo long!!! (>o<;) I wonder if you will still see this message?? I hope you are doing fine *^-^*

Could you find Code's web site? My friend showed it to me last time it's here:

I don't really know why bis left psc. Do you know? o.o
I made an english bis fansite lately~

I'm happy that Yuu has a new band now too! I'm gonna buy one of siva's single to try the music (^^) Do you know if shoki has any band?

Hello! Chloe☆

 投稿者:Sumire  投稿日:2005年 8月24日(水)15時25分53秒
  Thank you for posting! How's everything?

I've been very busy lately, so I haven't watched any lives.(><;)
Do you know the band called Siva in which Yu plays the guitar.
He said (from Siva's blog) they'll play with Glamouros Honey at Tokyo Kinema Club on September 19.

About bis...Do you know the reason why they've left the company?
And I can't find the web site of Code(Tomo's band); I could see it about a few months ago.


 投稿者:Chloeメール  投稿日:2005年 8月23日(火)21時55分31秒
  Hello Sumire!!
It has been so long I returned to this bbs!! T_T So sorry m(_ _)m
How are you doing?? How is everyone else? XD

I saw on Glamourous Honey's site that they will release single! Im happy!
And I'm shocked that bis seems to be leaving PS Company (´Д`);


 投稿者:Sumire  投稿日:2004年12月 4日(土)02時11分59秒
  You can get their info. by visiting their web site below.
(But now from cell phone only )



 投稿者:Sumire  投稿日:2004年11月 3日(水)14時01分26秒
  Yuki announced that he changed his band's name L to Glamourous Honey. And he's going to play in this band officially from now on. 
☆L at Ootsuka Red-Zone on 10/27 SET LIST
1.pray 2.noon 3.cafelatte 4.cowntdown(cocco)5.antitheses gypsy 6.melsy
☆Glamourous Honey at Kinema Club on 10/31 SET LIST(Fuka thanks!)
1.pray 2.noon 3.cafelatte 4.antitheses gypsy 5.melsy


☆Happy Birthday☆

 投稿者:Sumire  投稿日:2004年10月30日(土)21時35分57秒
  SHOKI!Happy Birthday~!!!
I hope you will come back to the music scene.


 投稿者:krys  投稿日:2004年10月26日(火)01時18分37秒
  Hey~ I'm good how have you been? (^^) Do you mean FAB? I didn't see you (;_;)
Are you going to any of Yuki's session lives? I will be on the 27th. I'm seeing bis at the Halloween live at AREA... you're right that their vocalist can't sing very well (-o-;) I hope he improves...


 投稿者:Sumire  投稿日:2004年10月23日(土)19時48分6秒
  hikrys! how're you doing? i think i saw you at F〇〇 on 〇(^o^; by the waythat song is called neverlandisn't it? i went to their live at CITTA last sunday and the fan did the same choreography(?);that's called "FURI゙ that's arrenged how we should move our hands or head bang to the music.]; as suna~. the vocalistMARUwasn't good as a singer.he could only shout(゜▽゜;) it very disappointed me.  


 投稿者:krys  投稿日:2004年10月22日(金)18時01分8秒
  I bought bis' mini-album "Freestyle rock" yesterday. I'm surprised that I like them a lot. I think it's really obvious which songs Shunsuke wrote because his music writing style seems the same as in EllDorado ^^;;
Only strange thing is the very last track on the CD sounds way too similar to Suna no Oukoku ><; There are guitar riffs exactly the same and the general pattern of the song is identical. It's very weird!! Almost as if Shunsuke wrote it that way intentionally? ><;;


 投稿者:Sumire  投稿日:2004年10月 7日(木)22時47分53秒
  Add live info.
Yuki's going to play at Kofu CONVICTION on 11/6.

[Yuki's live schedule]
10/27 Ootsuka Red-Zone
10/31 Tokyo Kinema Club